Recommended Web Sites:

  • American Cancer Society: Find information on many types of cancer, including early detection, prevention, treatment, new research findings and medical resources.
  • American Diabetes Association or National Diabetes Education Program: Learn what diabetes is and how to control or prevent the disease on both of these websites.
  • American Heart Association: Go to this website for information, tools, and resources about heart disease and stroke. Learn how to manage health concerns like high blood pressure, cholesterol and weight.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Learn how to protect your health. Some topics on this site include healthy living, emergency preparedness and response, injury, violence, environmental health workplace safety, and traveler's health.
  • Living With Type 2 Diabetes: Learn how to take control of your type 2 diabetes.
  • Mental Health America: Get reliable information on mental health disorders and treatments. Use the therapist directory to learn about the mental health providers in your area (and who accepts your health insurance).
  • MyPyramid (USDA): Use the interactive on-line tools to assess your food choices and develop a personalized eating plan based on your current goals and activity level.
  • National Heart Lung Blood Institute: Find reliable information on this site's complete A-Z index of diseases and conditions and check out the health assessment tools like the BMI calculator, menu planner, and 10 year heart attack risk calculator.

Recommended Links:

American Medical Association

American College of Physicians

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Centers for Disease Contol and Prevention

Florida Medical Association