Concierge Medical Membership


As primary care physicians, a significant part of our time is spent on preventive care. This means we focus on keeping you healthy, instead of waiting until you’re sick to provide treatment. The best preventive care occurs when a doctor understands all the factors of a patient’s health situation.

By joining the Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership program, you gain access to extended appointments for routine physical exams. These longer sessions allow you and your doctor more time to review your medical history, family background, and current concerns. We’re also able to learn more about your overall well-being, including mental and emotional factors, which can play an important role in keeping you healthy.

We pride ourselves on the continuity of care we offer patients, and include recommendations for preventive testing, labs, and disease screening when needed as part of all our physical exams. To streamline your visits, we provide the following services on-site at our office:

  • Routine gynecologic care, including PAP tests and breast exams
  • DEXA- or osteoporosis scanning to screen for osteoporosis or bone demineralization
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Blood draws for routine laboratory testing*

*Actual laboratory testing takes place off-site. Patient insurance may require use of a different laboratory facility.
For medical concerns that extend beyond the realm of Internal Medicine, we have two specialists on staff available for consultation. This allows us to seamlessly integrate your care and reduces your need for additional appointments, consults, and office visits.
In addition to receiving better care, you’ll receive the finest service as well:

  • Members receive unlimited office visits free of charge, so you don’t have to fight with your insurance company about co-pays or deductibles.
  • Members are prioritized for same or next-day appointments, so you don’t have to wait for care if you’re sick.
  • Members are guaranteed minimal or no wait time for routine appointments, so you can spend that time talking with your doctor instead.
  • Members are offered priority for scheduling, including extended or after-hours appointments, so that your visit is easy instead of an inconvenience.
  • Members have access to their physician outside of office visits by email and phone, so you can quickly get your questions answered without having to come in.
  • Members receive continuity of care in the event of hospitalization. You’ll receive personal visits from Dr. Zimmer and coordinated care with hospital staff.
  • Above all, members work with knowledgeable, experienced staff dedicated to providing you with a truly satisfying patient experience.

The Zimmer Concierge Medical Membership guarantees you the timely and personalized healthcare you deserve.