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The Zimmer Medical Group provides unparalleled patient care, understanding the “little details matter,” and we will leave no stone unturned to diagnose and treat a patient. Our approach allows us to discover a patient’s medical condition prior to them becoming a major problem.

Through the innovative use of technology, open communications and hands on medical expertise, the practice serves as model for Primary Care Providers within the region.

A significant part of our time is spent in preventive care. When scheduling physicals we allow for a longer session so that we have sufficient time to review your medical history, issues from your family background and any current concerns you may have. Your exam may also include routine laboratory testing and disease screening when warranted. We recommend regular physical exams for our patients, with yearly exams advisable especially for those over age 50.

At the Zimmer Medical Group, we believe in continuity in the care of our patients, including preventive testing and exams and care of acute and chronic issues. We recommend that you do not have a preventative physical at places that limit their practice to performing physical examinations. While our physicians and physician assistants can care for the vast majority of patients with specific needs, we also have two specialists working within our practice with whom we can consult to treat your problem most effectively. If your medical problem persists, Dr. Zimmer or your practitioner may consult with one of our specialists, or you may choose another consultant outside of our practice.

Convenient in-house services

  • Routine gynecologic care, including PAP tests and breast exams
  • DEXA- or osteoporosis scanning to screen and monitor for osteoporosis or bone demineralization
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • In-office blood draws and routine laboratory testing (Unless you’re insurance company requires a specific laboratory company)



Today, like many physicians the Zimmer Medical Group utilizes “hospitalists” to care for its patients when they visit emergency rooms or are admitted to the hospital. The hospitalist communicates with us but handles your care during time spent in the hospital.

We realize that many times patients would prefer our doctors to continue their roles even when entering the hospital, but as we have learned over the years, our hospitalists, Dr. Proietto and Dr. Casadevalls are more familiar with the hospital and its systems and functions.

Because the hospital is the primary site of their practice they are usually able to spend more time with patients than would our doctors making "rounds" of all of their patients during the early pre-dawn hours or on their way home after office hours. Working together the team extends the quality care received when visiting our practice to include time spent in the hospital.

Quick Access to The Patient

We make every effort to accomodate new patients in a timely manner. We are always availabe for our patients should they require urgent care.

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